Fully Qualified Turf Management Specialists

Legacy Lawn provides unparalleled service, offering you a green, healthy lawn and exceptional customer service.  The lawn is often the showcase area of a home and we strive to make sure it’s as healthy as it can be.  Now you can stop worrying about over or under apply fertilizer or weed control products on your lawn.  Leave the worries to us!

Our owner and crew have literally grown up in the landscaping business.  We have years of cutting edge experience in the Valley!
Our staff is trained to treat each lawn like it’s their own.  We treat each customer like a life-long friend.
Located centrally to reach Harrisonburg, Rockingham County, VA and surrounding areas.
We only use products made to survive and thrive in the Valley. We know Valley soils and we know what works to make each lawn shine!

Common Lawn Issues

Weed invasion

Weeds like dandelions, clover, or chickweed are an eyesore to your beautiful landscape. They steal nutrients from your lawn causing thinner grass. A weed free lawn is a beautiful lawn!

Patchy Grass – Fungus of Disease

That odd patch that you just hate every time you pass by that front yard is actually not your grass’ fault. Most of the time, it’s your soil that needs checking. There can be a fungus of disease that has entered your lawn taking away from the health of your grass.  There are fungicide treatments/applications that can help fix the issues with your yard.


These are larvae that you probably ignore because you had no idea it exists until you read about it. They feed on your grass roots which lead to thinner grass and a less attractive lawn.


Surface feeding insects can be an issue for your yard because they can feed on your grass.  We can spray to control these ants, fleas, and ticks.  This will not only help the health of your lawn but also your home as it prevents those insect populations from growing and entering your house.  In addition, it can protect your family and pets against diseases spread by fleas and ticks.

These problems are nothing that Lawn Legacy can’t solve! 


Residential Services

Your home is where life happens. This is your humble abode and the home of your beloved family. By providing you a safe, efficient and quality service, you won’t have to consider wasting your time cleaning up the whole lawn so you can rather spend time with your family. Properly maintained lawns don’t just brighten up your home with green grass, it also provides clean and environment-friendly surroundings for your kids. Say goodbye to that old and ineffective way of just watering down your lawn and subscribe to Legacy Lawn for proper turf management and save more on water usage.

You will see most of the projects that Lawn Legacy handles are those with a wide area of needs. With that being said, you will be handled by experienced, top-tier certified landscape industry professionals. Your satisfaction is the company’s priority. With Legacy’s attention to detail, you will surely get your money’s worth and that dream lawn you’ve always wanted at a fair price.

Legacy Lawn’s focus is your satisfaction; the company’s customer value is what matters the most. The team is dedicated to helping make your job as easy as possible, by delivering high-quality services to ensure guaranteed satisfaction.

The time savings to hiring us is unparalleled.  We save you time from having to buy, apply, clean-up and storing your lawn care products!  Not to mention how much safer it is to let us store your lawn care products preventing accidents with children or pets.

By contacting the Legacy Lawn at 540-433-5296, you are not just managing your turf, but also the time you spend with the people that matter the most to you as Legacy Lawn brings you the convenience of quality turf services.

Commercial Services

A prosperous business deserves top-notch lawn service. Lawn Legacy will provide you with utmost care.

You will be guided by professionally trained workers to provide you quality turf management, reliability, and professionalism.

By keeping your business as neat as possible, you are not just imposing a positive impression of the company towards your customers, but how you are being perceived as a businessperson.  Your curb appeal speaks volumes!

We offer you a focused and custom lawn program to enhance your business’ lawn with the purpose of driving more customers to your front door.  There is nothing else you need to be worried about because Legacy Lawn will make it easy for you and your growing business.