(We also have an 8-Step Program for the hardcore lawn fanatics!)

Get The Lawn You Want

With our 6 step lawn care process, your lawn will be ready to enjoy

Early Spring Application

Professional crabgrass prevention plus a premium early spring fertilizer.

Late Spring Application

Professional Crabgrass Prevention plus an exclusive slow-release spring fertilizer and Broadleaf Weed Control.

Early Summer Application

Non-burning slow-release fertilizer plus a grub control fertilizer.

Late Summer Application

Maintenance level pH balancing of your soil (this helps unlock your lawn’s potential by releasing trapped nutrients) and Broadleaf weed control.

Early Autumn Application

Exclusive slow-release fertilizer (providing root-building nutrients in the fall) plus a final Broadleaf weed control application.

Winterizer Application

Late Autumn\Early Winter nutrient rich fertilizer.  This application gives your lawn the minerals it needs to store for the harsh winter.

We also offer a customized Tree & Shrub, Insect, Disease, and Fertilization Program.

Tips for a Healthy Lawn:

Choose the right grass for your home:

  • In the Valley pick a blended seed mix containing Fescue, Bluegrass, and Rye (optional).
  • Avoid “Magic” varieties like Zoysia and Bermuda (commonly called “Wiregrass”)

Mowing your Lawn:

  • Servicing your mower is important, maintain a sharp and balanced mower blade.
  • Optimal Mowing Height: 3.5″ – 4″ – The most important aspect of turf care is to make sure you’re not letting your grass grow too long or short.
  • Do not mow the grass while it is soaking wet.
  • Most settings on mowers do not equal their cutting height, you will need to physically measure the lawn mower’s blade height to the ground to get the correct height.

Watering Your Lawn

  • Early morning is the best time to water your lawn.
  • Provide 1.0″ of water per week and adjust accordingly if rainfall occurs.
  • If water puddling occurs, adjust watering time to prevent puddling.